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China Skye's Dance in the Dark of Night
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Vartdiv Show Girl "Havana"
CH Geneart General Vartdiv x Vartdiv Sapfira
FairyTails Here's What It Takes - "Persephone"
Sired by CH FairyTails Evening Edition -
China Skye's Lilac Watermak - "Enya"
November 8, 1997 - December 30, 2011
My first lilac ever produced and the foundation of my blue
line breeding program.  Enya's sire was my favorite dog in
the world,
Blues Traveler.  She was a Legacy in her time
and will always be loved and remembered by those who
knew her.  She has touched so many hearts and I'm blessed
to be surrounded by her kids, grand kids and great, great
grand kids.  She was the strongetst female I've had the
pleasure of knowing.  We had a bond that not many humans
experience and I'm grateful for the long time I had with her.  
She was more like a cat and lived nine lives.
Rest in peace little girl.
China Skye's Rockets Red Glare