In Loving Memory of Blues Traveler
10/20/1996 - 09/19/2006

Traveler was my all time favorite dog in the world.  He was my first blue male and the foundation of
my bluelined breeding program.  His best feature was his sweet, loving nature.

Over the past decade I have consoled many grieving families on the loss of their pet.  Never did I
truly understand completely how they felt or what they were going through until I lost Traveler.
He was the epitome of a best friend and was always here for me, providing unconditional love,
support and loyalty.  May you rest in peace baby boy...and I will see you again, on the other side.
China Skye's Dance In The Dark of Night
- Brushcoat male, clear eyes, tiny tulip
ears, big fat muzzle, and  tons of bone on this
boy.  Zoso's grandmother is my beloved
"Enya" -
China Skye's Lilac Watermark.  
OFA Good, Zoso produces a rainbow of color
including platinum, blue and isabella.  Very
sweet, loving male.  Outstanding temperament
and consistently produces healthy pups.
China Skye's Chillin' The Most -
"Chillin" -
 "Gunny" x "Persephone" son.  
Chillin' is a very happy boy.  Gets along
wonderfully with everyone and loves young
puppies.  He's heavy boned with a big head,
nice topline, clear untouched eyes and his best
feature is his loving, playful disposition.